All of the images in this gallery are original digial creations . . . the portraits are all digital artworks, they are not digitally manipulated photograhs.

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Through A Glass Darkly
Fire Bird
Taking Flight
The Power and The Glory
Heavens Gate
Sweet Rosie O'Grady
My Sweet Little Valentine
I Dream of Genie
I wish . . .
My Genie and Me
Mogul Fantasy
Mogul Fantasy 2
The Library
Let Your Imagination . . .
Once upon a time . . .
Christmas Card
oh yeah?
Faerie Garden
Faerie Garden 2
Spring Fae
Spring Fae 4
Spring Fae 5
Spring Fae 6
Spring Fae 6
Spring Fae 7
Spring Fae 8
Spring Fae 9
Faerie Ring
Friends . . .
Faerie Dance
Once upon a time there was. . .
Sylvan Fairytale
Winter Fae
Pixie Glenn
Faerie Pond
Fairy Woods
Whimsical Mushrooms
The Conversation
Autumn fae
Autumn fae 2
Egyptian Princess
The Core
Star Child
Fairytale Castle Castle in The Clouds Hall of The Mountain King Castle In The Clouds 2 White Tower
The Maidens Tower The Maidens Tower 2 Gothic Gate The Oracle Well of Souls
The Source The Gate Checkmate! Ruined Temple Temple Ruins
Black Island The Traveler The Mentor War & Peace Behind The Green Door

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